Prattens Bowls club welcome Round Table May 2024

On the 27th May 2024 Prattens again hosted a group from the Round Table (but a few more of them this time). When they arrived the weather was still inclement but they came into the clubhouse and had a drink until the weather improved. Seventeen of them then went out onto the green for some basic tuition about how to play (there were eighteen of them but one was suffering from a sports injury and unable to play). After the tuition they were split into four groups and played competitively  to see who could bowl to within a yard of the jack. This went on for some time but was eventually curtailed when it started to rain again. They then all went into the clubhouse for food and drinks. It was announced that 4 of them had done better than the others and they were presented with a bottle of wine each as their prize.  They allafterwards thanked Prattens (especially Pauline) saying how much they ad enjoyed them selves again and asked if they could come back again in the future.


Prattens Bowls Club May Games Competitive games under way

The Mens team has been struggling somewhat losing on all rinks to both Knowle C and Bloomfield B in The Somerset County league and only picking up 2 of the available 12 points in the Midsomerset league against Frome Selwood. Most recently the Men played at Stotherts in Bath in the Top Club competition but, in the 5 disciplines played (2 wood singles, four wood singles, pairs, triples and rink) only the rink managed to avoid defeat so were knocked out of that competition. The Ladies have played away to Weston Bath and Home to Bloomfield and won before losing on all rinks away to Street and playing in a friendly fun game away to Chew Stoke with both clubs struggling to put out full teams. The Mixed team lost in an away game early in the month but under newly appointed team captain Andy Manley managed to win by one shot in the Tony Alcock Trophy against Ashcombe Park and move on to the next round. Prattens are still in need of a few more new members (male and female) so if anyone else wishes to join the club (or discuss joining the club) please contact Barrie or Pauline Dando on 01761-412705 or come along to the club evening on Monday evenings from 6.00 pm.On Tuesday evening we will welcome a group from the Round Table to come and have fun trying their hand at the wonderful game of bowls. This follows on from a visit last July but this time even more of them are coming so they must have spread the word about what a good thing it is to do.

Prattens Bowls Club More April Games

This last week Prattens had three scheduled games – one each of Mens, Ladies and Mixed. On Tuesday afternoon, the Ladies played a two rink game away at Bath Bowls Club and won on one rink but lost on the other in a very creditable performance in very cold weather. Wednesday afternoon it was the turn of the Men to play a home game against Bath in a three rink game in which I recognised many of the faces that Bath included in what proved to be a strong team. Prattens lost on all three rinks in a game which included some good bowling from both teams and while socialising (and warming up) after the game both teams agreed that it had been a very enjoyable game played in a good spirit. Sunday afternoon was a Mixed game away to Mark Moor where both teams enjoyed the game in cold but dry weather and Prattens lost overall but managed to win on one of the three rinks.Let us all hope for some warmer (and dry) weather as the season proceeds.

Prattens Bowls Club - New season   The bowls season opened at Prattens on Saturday 13th April and a substantial proportion of the membership came up for a roll-up and to see how the green was playing after the winter and declared that it was in good condition. This was followed on the Sunday by Presidents Day when even more members turned up. There have 2 friendly, but competitive,  mixed games in the following days. The first of these was against Severn Vale and was played over 3 rinks with Severn Vale eventually winning on all rinks although Prattens were leading on one rink until the final end (the Severn Vale captain claimed that it was the first time that they had ever won on our green). The second mixed game was played on this last Sunday across 4 rinks against Keynsham and both teams won on 2 rinks with Keynsham winning overall on shot difference. There are lots more games to play in the coming weeks as the season unwinds.

Prattens Bowls season ready to roll. 

Prattens are pleased to announce that their green will open on Saturday 13th April and all members (and those who might like to be members) are invited to come along to the club and join in the celebration of a new outdoor season. If the weather plays along there will be the opportunity to practice their skills both on the Saturday afternoon and on President’s day on the Sunday. 

Prattens Bowls Club Pre-season Meeting

 On Saturday Prattens Bowls Club held their pre-season Meeting with almost all members from last year present. There were various presentations from club officers including the Treasurer and suggestions from the floor of meeting that we should increase either the membership fee or the match game fee (or both) to assist Club finances and it was agreed that the committee should take these suggestions to the next meeting. Club Treasurer, Gus Halfhide, was also presented with a memento by club chairman Barrie Dando to mark him as clubperson of the year to thank him for all of the work that he has done. The green will open on the 13th April and club nights will recommence on the Monday following so if anyone is interested in trying the great game of bowls please come along at one of these times and have a chat or try playing to see if you like it. Please note that membership is free for new bowlers and that our membership fee is believed to be the lowest in the area  (and even the suggested possible increase will still leave it as such).

Prattens Bowls Club @ MSN Farmers Market March 2024

Prattens Bowls club attended the Farmers Market on Saturday morning (in spite of the snow) and amongst the people that they met was the MSN Mayor (Gordon) seen here being shown how to hold a bowl by Prattens member Phil Chambers. Hopefully some of the people that we talked to will follow up their interest and come along when green opens on Saturday 13th April at 2.00 pm with what we all expect to be better weather. Also do not forget that we have our pre-season meeting at 10:30 on 16th March.

Prattens Bowls Club Presentation Evening - January 2024


Martin Dury, Pauline Dando, Alan Fear, David James, Chris Love, Colin Love and Graeme Smith showing off their Winners and Runners-up trophies at the Prattens Bowls Club presentation evening on Saturday. The only one missing was Gus Halfhide who won the 101 Competition. As you can see David James and Colin Love were greedy having multiple trophies (but not all winners trophies).  The presentation evening took place at Prattens Social Club and included a fish and chip supper and a skittles competition (organised and won by Alan Fear) .

Prattens Bowls club – End of season report   17th September 2023

During this last week we lost to a combined Frome Selwood and Frome Park team in the Charity Cup competition with the Frome combination winning the final against Purnells later in the week. This Sunday Prattens held their traditional season closer, Captains Day, but the weather was too bad to play bowls so several rounds of a quiz were held before the tea (with so much food that even late visitors were given some) and everyone had a really good time. Two of our Ladies members were also celebrating their birthdays (Chris Love and Wendy Sykes). 

Prattens Bowls Club -  2023 competition finals  8th and 9th September 2023

In order of games played

Handicap Graeme Smith won against David James

Harrington David James won against Alan Fear

101 Gus Halfhide won against Colin Love

Mens 2 wood Alan Fear won against Colin Love

Thomas Cup David James won against Martin Dury

Mens Singles Colin Love won against David James

Ladies Singles Pauline Dando won against Chris Love

Prattens Bowls club – the season grinding to a halt 3rd September 2023   The week started with a Charity Cup game against Purnells but hosted by Frome Selwood Bowls Club. Although one Prattens rink did win, with the Purnells Captain claiming that Colin Love had been walking on water, Purnells took the game overall winning on the other four rinks.    The Ladies team did not play this week with the only game scheduled having to be cancelled and this also applied to the mixed friendly which should have played this Sunday against Trowbridge Town.    On Saturday the Mens team played at home in the last SCL game of the season in what was described as the wooden spoon game between ourselves and Alexandra Park. To avoid being bottom of the East 1 division, moving above Alexandra Park, Prattens needed to win the game overall and win on at least two of the three rinks BUT the result was the other way around and Prattens lost the game and only won on one rink. Both teams are relegated, along with Bath C, and the two captains said see you in East 2 next season. The Club Competition finals will take place this coming Friday and Saturday.

One more week played  -  27th August 2023    The week started with a Charity Cup game against Norwest but hosted by Purnells Bowls Club. Although one Prattens rink won very well and another lost by only one shot Norwest took the game overall.  The Ladies team played two games this week but lost them both although they did manage to pick up 2 rink points on Tuesday at Wells while losing on all rinks on Thursday at Frome Park. Friday saw the mixed team playing in the MMSL league at Frome Selwood where, for the first time this season, we had to play with a player short which was due to a late COVID positive test. We eventually lost on all rinks in spite of leading on one of the rinks for most of the game.  There are still a handful of  games to play, but the outdoor season is now drawing to a close.

Prattens Bowls club – the latest two weeks 21st August 2023

Over the last fortnight we have played a number of games – Mens, Ladies and Mixed. The common denominator between them has been rain, sometimes enough to cause the match to be curtailed once sufficient ends have been played to constitute a result and in some games we have played to the end, and also losing of the games (although sometimes gaining some rink win points).

The games were Castle Cary in a Ladies Wild league game, Weston Bath in a mixed friendly, Street in the Wild league, Paulton in the Charity Cup (at Norwest), Street in the Mixed MSL and Stothert & Pitt in the most recent game of the Somerset County league. In that last game it looked possible that we would pick up rink points on one rink having pulled back from 10 shots down to a 1 shot lead with 2 ends to play but we lost those 2 ends and the hope of any points disappeared. After the game we knew that we had been relegated from East 1 division having come up from East 2 last year.

There are still a few games to play, mostly Charity Cup, but the outdoor season is now drawing to a close.

Prattens Bowls club – a quiet and wet week

This week we were scheduled to play 3 games. The first was a mixed friendly against Paulton which, in spite of some wet weather, we were able to play but lost. The weather meant that the game was less fun than usual but the camaraderie was up to the usual standard. We also had another new player with us (this time a lady) who, in spite of the weather, professed to having enjoyed the game..

On Saturday we were to play against the City of Wells in the Somerset County league but, with both teams lined up ready to play, Storm Antoni turned up with the heavens opening including thunder and lightning and we were forced to reschedule the game to next week. This was the first time that I have seen large amounts of standing water on our green with a game scheduled to be played.

On Sunday a mixed friendly was played against Mark Moor. Although we had some rain in the early part of the game causing a brief halt to the game it was able to be resumed and played to the very end with Prattens managing to win on one of the rinks while losing on the other two rinks and overall.

While we always say that a bowls green needs water, this week has been far too much of a good thing.

Prattens Bowls club – visit from Round Tablers

This week the Ladies once again played in the Wild League - this time against Castle Cary and did very well. They gained 11 of the 12 points available, winning on 2 rinks while drawing on the other to win overall.

The Mens Team played their final game in the MSL on Wednesday against Norwest in the pouring rain and managed to win on 1 rink (scraping home on the last end) but lost overall and then played away at Frome Selwood in the Somerset county league on Saturday but lost again overall while winning on 1 rink. In both cases we collected 2 points so we have improved during the season as the new members have gained experience.

On Thursday evening we played hosts to several members of the local Round Table who were given some brief instruction on how to play and then let loose (under the watchful eyes of various Prattens members) to play some bowls.

Afterward s, over some food and drinks they all said that they had had a really good time and asked if they could come again next year with a couple of them suggesting that they might like to come to club nights on a Monday.

On Sunday we were scheduled to play a mixed friendly game but this fell foul of the weather – very disappointing as both teams had enough players available to play.

 Prattens Bowls club – more results

This week the Ladies once again played 2 games in the Wild League against Purnells and Wyrall Park but this time they won them both. Against Purnells they gained all 12 points available, winning all 3 rinks, with an overall score of 62-40 and against Wyrall Park they gained 10 of the 12 winning with an overall score of 61-43. A number of the men played on Monday for the MSL against the Somerset Patrons in a very enjoyable game at City of Wells.

The Mens Team played in the Midsomerset League on Wednesday against Paulton but lost on all rinks so did not collect any points. One of the Prattens rinks was level on shots going into the final end but lost on that end.

On Sunday the Ladies triple played in the semi-final of the Somerset triples competition and, if they had won, would have been one of the two Somerset Ladies teams to have gone to the finals at Leamington but unfortunately they lost a close game by 14-17 against a trio of Ladies from Street. Prattens Bowls Club are still proud that they did so well in this competition.

PS We could still do with some more members (female or male).

Prattens Bowls club – the Mens team get a result

This week the Ladies played 2 games in the Wild League against Paulton and Norwest but lost them both. They were also supposed to play in the Fear Cup against Bloomfield but the weather caused this game to be cancelled and, as there was no other date on which it could be played, was determined by the toss of a coin which Prattens Ladies also lost. This means that Prattens Ladies drop into the Fear Plate Competition while Bloomfield continue in the Fear Cup. The Mens Team played in the Midsomerset League on Wednesday against Purnells B and in a very close match lost by a single shot but at least Prattens managed to pick up some rink points. On Saturday the Mens team played in the Somerset County league against Bath C team and managed to win on 2 of the 3 rinks and obtained an overall victory by 7 shots picking up 10 of the 12 points available. This is our first win (and first points) in this competition this season and was achieved against a team that had won over half of their games prior to this fixture.

We still have room for some more members, male or female, so if anyone else wishes to join the club (or discuss joining the club) please contact Barrie or Pauline Dando on 01761-412705 or come along to the club evening on Monday evenings from 6.00 pm.

Prattens Bowls club – the saga continues

 Last week I reported that the trio of Prattens Ladies had reached the quarter finals of the County triples and this week they played that game and won beating a trio from Ilminster 19-12 to move on to the semi-finals. Their next opponents are as yet unknown. Both the Ladies and the Mens teams played against Purnells this week in League matches and both lost without picking up any points.

On Saturday in inclement weather Prattens played a mixed friendly game against Shepton Mallet which was curtailed by heavy rain after 16 of the scheduled 18 ends (perhaps we should not have played 2 trial ends). After the game both captains agreed that the result was an honourable draw as both teams were winning on 2 of the 4 rinks and the overall score was extremely close. In spite of the weather all agreed that it had been an enjoyable game played in a really good spirit. Before the game one of our newest members asked how heavy the rain had to be before we stopped playing - with one interruption as well as the curtailment of play he soon found out.

 We still have room for some more members, male or female,  so if anyone else wishes to join the club (or discuss joining the club) please contact Barrie or Pauline Dando on 01761-412705 or come along to the club evening on Mondays from 6.00 pm.

Prattens Bowls Club win some games  - On Sunday Prattens played a mixed friendly game at home to Trowbridge Westbourne and won overall in a close game. Prattens won on two rinks while losing one win with the overall result being a narrow win for Prattens. On Thursday a trio of Prattens Ladies played in the County Triples against ladies from Stothert & Pitt and won by 20 shots to 13 and advance to the quarter final where they will now play a team from Ilminster . Well done to Pauline, Sue and Chris. In League games, the ladies lost in the Wild League last Tuesday against City of Wells (losing on all rinks so did not gain any points) and also on Thursday, without the triples players, against Norwest. The Mens team lost both of their games this week in away fixtures with Frome Selwood and Norwest A team and once again failed to pick up any points. In the game against Norwest A, Prattens fielded 5 players who had not played bowls prior to this season (one had only joined the club a few days earlier) which was noted by the Norwest team who commented how many new faces there were in our team. In a Mixed MSL league game away to Castle Cary we also lost on every rink. The positive thing is that we have managed to fulfil all Mens and Mixed league games so far this season with full teams which has not always been the case for some teams in the leagues. We still have room for new members so if anyone else wishes to join the club (or discuss joining the club) please contact Barrie or Pauline Dando on 01761-412705 or come along to the club evening on Monday evenings from 6.00 pm. As you can from the above we do manage to integrate new members into our teams.

Prattens Bowls Club – the problems continue.    Over the last couple of weeks Prattens Ladies have had to reschedule their games as they still have 2 players out with a broken foot (one each) and one player out with a bad back. The club were, of course, short of players this season so this has left the Ladies, in particular, with serious difficulties. The Mens team and, to a large extent, managed to field teams for their fixtures even though the standard of players has been affected by the loss of several quality experienced players and the Mixed team has managed to field teams for League games while having to postpone or cancel friendly games. This has meant that we have lost every game in the last two weeks. In the Somerset County League East 1 division, having been promoted last season, we are bottom and have not picked up a single point yet this season – hopefully this will improve as the season goes on and some of our newer inexperienced players improve. In the Mid Somerset Leagues (Mens and Mixed) we are doing slightly better, in that we are picking up some rink win points (our 12-0 win at Purnells remaining the only league match that we have won so far this season – perhaps they underestimated us). That reminds me that we did manage to win in the first round of the Top Club Competition against Portishead so the win against Purnells is not the only Mens team win of the season but still the only one in the league. If all this sounds really dismal please let me point out that we still enjoy the games and the banter with our opponents and I will still be hoping to be selected for games in the future.

PS we could still do with some more players.

Prattens Bowls Club continue to have mixed fortunes   The Ladies team has only played one game in the last week with injuries causing games to be rearranged for later in the season but they managed to win the game against Wyrrall Park despite only winning on one of the three rinks. This means that they collected 8 of the 12 points available. For the curious who wonder how bowls players can have injuries that prevent them from playing there are 2 who each have a broken bone in a foot and one struggling with a back problem. The Mens results were a little different this week in that they won in the MSL against Purnell B and collected all of the 12 points by winning on all three rinks. The first 2 rinks to complete their games won very comfortably but the third rink was very close with the scores being equal going into the last end. With many of their team mates looking on it looked as though Prattens would lose the last end but skip Gus Halfhide got the winning shot with his last wood to complete the win with an overall score of 70-41. It was all so very different when Prattens entertained Weston Bath A team in the Somerset county league on Saturday with Weston taking all twelve points while winning comfortably on all rinks.  We still have room for several more members so if anyone else wishes to join the club (or discuss joining the club) please contact Barrie or Pauline Dando on 01761-412705 or come along to the club evening on Monday evenings from 6.00 pm.

Prattens Bowls Club – a poor week      Prattens Ladies played against Bloomfield Ladies on Thursday but lost on both rinks. As I said last week, last season Prattens Mens team were promoted in the Somerset County League so the games are going to be tougher this year especially as we have a less experienced team than we did last year. This Saturday we played against another promoted team Purnell B and, as pointed out by the Purnells captain (Colin Toogood) last season Prattens took all 12 points, Purnells exacted full revenge on this occasion with substantial wins on all 3 rinks.. Hopefully some of our new players will prove to be good replacements for the players that we lost as they gain a little more experience. On Sunday morning Prattens played an away game in the Top Club competition. This was against Portishead and we had reached this stage by beating the other Portishead team a couple of weeks ago. On this occasion Prattens lost in all 5 disciplines so have exited that competition.      We still have room for several more new members, eitherexperienced or new to bowls, so if anyone else wishes to join the club (or discuss joining the club) please contact Barrie or Pauline Dando on 01761-412705 or come along to the club evening on Monday evenings from 6.00 pm where you can take part in the wonderful game of bowls.

Prattens Bowls have a busier (but less successful week)

The week started with a Coronation Cream Tea on the Bank holiday Monday which was very successful and raised £150 for charity which, in this case, was South West Children’s Hospice.

On Tuesday the Ladies team played at Paulton and won (2 rinks to 1) and overall but things went downhill from there. Thursday saw the Ladies play again but on this occasion lost to Keynsham Ladies. This was followed by a mixed game (also at Keynsham) in the Tony Alcock 2 rink tournament but Prattens lost heavily. Keynsham Mens A team were the opponents for the Mens team on Saturday and Prattens lost on all 3 rinks. Last season Prattens Mens team were promoted in the Somerset County League so the games are going to be tougher this year especially as we have less players than we did last year.

Prattens Bowls have a quiet (but winning week)         The only game this week was a Mens Top Club game which took place on Friday evening at home to Portishead with the weather remaining dry but becoming  much  colder as the evening progressed. For those who do not know the Top Club competition is played across 5 different events or disciplines with all games being required to have a winner (no draws in any event). The disciplines are 2 wood singles, 4 wood singles, pairs, a triples rink and a full 4 player rink needing a total of 11 players in each team. Some games, of course, take less time to play than others. The first game to finish was the two wood singles which Prattens lost. The second game was the four wood singles which Prattens won to go level. Next was the pairs and Prattens won to take the lead but then Portishead won the triples to draw level which meant that the match was all down to the fours. This game had been taking place alongside the others and was always very close with the leaders changing along the way. On the penultimate end Prattens did well and went into the final end with a four shot lead. However the first three Prattens players had a bad end and with Dave James at skip having only one wood left Prattens were 7 shots down but Dave managed to save the day getting the second shot meaning that Prattens had won the fours by 3 shots giving them the win by 3 disciplines to 2 and taking us into the next round.

Prattens Bowls season getting properly under way      Having played a couple of mixed games the previous week Prattens moved on to the single sex games this week. The first game was a ladies game against Bath which was played in the triples format and Prattens Ladies gave the club their first win of the season winning on all three rinks. The next match was a Mens game against Bath although Bath turned up a player short and, as the game was a friendly, it was agreed that the girlfriend of one of the Bath players would take part. She was introduced by the Bath Captain as their star and so it turned out – Olivia Starr of Clevedon bowls club and the second highest rated female bowler in Somerset. She had a brilliant game. However she was not the only Bath player to play well and Bath won on all three rinks.  On Sunday morning Prattens men played at Yatton in the National Two rink competition but lost on both rinks with an overall score on 49-20.

Prattens Bowls first games of the season        Prattens played the first team games of their season with two away mixed friendlies. The first was at Severn Vale and the second at Keynsham which were both played in dry but cold weather and, unfortunately  both were lost.   Despite the results everyone enjoyed the games and the usual friendly banter between the teams.    We still have room for several more new members so if anyone else wishes to join the club (or discuss joining the club) please contact Barrie or Pauline Dando on 01761-412705 or come along to the club evening on Monday evenings from 6.00 pm where you can have a try at the wonderful sociable (but competitive) game we call bowls.

Prattens Bowls Club prepare for the new season April 2023    With the new bowls season almost upon us (green opens 15th April) Prattens bowls club are trying to recruit some new members. As part of this we booked a stall at the Midsomer Norton Farmer’s Market on the morning of the 1st April. The weather was appalling but we managed to speak to a lot of people including the lady in the photograph who said 

she liked the idea of playing bowls but was abit busy at present. A substantial team of Prattens members were present (not all of whom made it into the picture) and we managed to talk to a lot of people and quite a few took leaflets away. Now all we need is for some of them to turn that interest into coming and trying the wonderful game of bowls. For further information come and see us on the opening day after 2.00 or on a Monday evening after 6.00 pm. We definitely need some more members to help us to more easily fulfil our fixtures this season (males and females of all ages required)

Prattens Bowls Club – End of season report

Over the 2022 bowls season Prattens have had very mixed fortunes. The Ladies team and the Mixed team have both had what we might call an OK season- they have won a number of games and lost a number of games (both in competitions and friendlies). The Mens team have had a strange season in that they play in two leagues using basically the same pool of players but have usually lost in the Mid-Somerset league while they have gained promotion in the Somerset County League from East 2 to East 1 by finishing in second place. It has been a few seasons since we last played in East 1 so look forward to testing ourselves at that level again.

We recently played the finals of our club singles competitions with the following results:

Mens Singles – Winner Colin Love, Runner-up Gus Halfhide

Ladies Singles -Winner Margaret Harvey, Runner-up Chris Love

Mens Two Wood – Winner Gus Halfhide, Runner-up Graham Whittock

Ladies Two Wood – Winner Margaret Harvey, Runner-up Lin Brimble

Handicap – Winner Alan Fear, Runner-up Colin Love

Keith Harringon Trophy – Winner Richard Brimble, Runner-up Chris Love

Thomas Cup – Winner Barrymore Dando, Runner-up Graeme Smith

101 – Winner Gus Halfhide, Runner-up Margaret Harvey

I would to draw attention, in particular, to the Handicap Winner as Alan Fear is a new bowler playing in his first season so this was a major achievement.

With the close of the outdoor season many of us will move on to playing indoor versions of the game at various local venues but will return to outdoors next April so if you have ever wondered whether bowls (known as the sport for all) might be for you we will publish next years schedule as soon as we have it on this site. New members including new bowlers are always made welcome.

A very Mixed week - 7/8/2022

There are 3 games to report on this week with one Ladies, one Mixed and one Mens – there should have been an extra Mixed game but our opponents could not raise a team and pulled out.

 The Ladies game was a Wild league game against Frome Selwood where we unfortunately lost the game but picked up two points by winning on one of the three rinks.

 The Mixed game was a friendly at home to Paulton which was played across 4 rinks wit a mixture of fours and triples being fielded by each team. Paulton won the match overall and on three rinks with Prattens managing to win on one rink.

 The Mens game was played in the Somerset County League against Purnell B at home. Prattens had a positive start on two rinks but the third rink was 10 shots down after only  3 ends. However that rink recovered well to win a close match by  score of  21 to 19. With the other two rinks continuing to do well Prattens ended the game winning on all rinks and picked up all 12 points to help close the gap on Purnell at the top of the East 2 division.

Prattens Bowls Club – a hotshot week

The first game of the week was in the Wild league at home to Paulton and the Ladies did very well winning on all 3 rinks (although one of them was by just one shot following a late comeback). So another 12 points in that league for the Ladies.

On Wednesday evening the men played their final game of the Mid-Somerset league and, as has been usual in this league, lost with a score of 40-53 against Frome Selwood but did manage to pick up 2 of the points by winning on one of the three rinks. There should have also had a Somerset County league game on the Saturday but our opponents recently pulled out of the league which not only meant that we did not have a game but lost us the 12 points that we had gained when we played them earlier in the season.

Sunday afternoon we played a mixed friendly match against Frome Park. After the early morning rain the afternoon was warm and sunny. Frome Park remarked on how much drier their green was to ours, and all rinks had a testing afternoon. Fortunately for Prattens we came out winners 72-57. The highlight of the afternoon was a hotshot on rink 3, scored by Sue and Rob Fear, Margaret Harvey and Chris Barnes. Well done everyone.

Prattens Bowls Club – a hot week - 17/7/2022

Wednesday night was as usual with the Mens team playing in the Mid-Somerset league. On this occasion it was an away game at Purnells against Purnells B. Prattens won on two rinks but lost on the third giving a final result of 60 to 56 to Purnells with Prattens picking up 4 league points out of the 12 available.

Friday night saw the Ladies team playing away at Bloomfield in the Fear Cup and won on 2 of the 3 rinks and overall so move on to the next round which will be against Purnells.

On Saturday the Mens team had an away game in the Somerset League against Bath C which proved to be a very close game in very hot weather. The weather was so hot that we took a break for refreshments after 9 ends and the Captains agreed to shorten the game from 21 ends to 18 ends. At the start of final end to be played on the last rink to finish each team had won on one rink and there were only 2 shots between the total scores but Prattens dropped 2 shots on that last end losing the rink by a single shot and the match by 4 shots. So Prattens Mens team played and lost 2 games this week but both of them were close losing by 4 shots in each case.

The Sunday Mixed game away to Trowbridge Westbourne was cancelled because of fears about the heat.

Prattens Bowls Club – a variety of results 10/7/2022

I was unable last week to bring the MSL league result away to Purnells A team where we managed to pick up 2 points by winning on one rink although we lost overall. In this weeks MSL game we entertained Paulton but lost on all rinks. Two of the rinks were quite close but we lost heavily on the other rink giving an overall score of 37-80.

In the SCL on Saturday we played Knowle B, who were also in the top half of the East 2 division, at home and won on all 3 rinks giving us all 12 points which will maintain our position in the top two places. It feels very strange to compare our results in the SCL and the MSL even though we largely have to field similar teams in these Mens Leagues.

The Ladies team played a Wild League game at Home against Purnells and lost overall but managed to win on 1 rink so gained 2 points from the 12 available. In spite of the defeat it was a very enjoyable game.

On Sunday afternoon the Mixed team took a reduced team of nine bowlers to Shepton Mallet for a friendly match. Shepton Mallet had several new bowlers and we also had one new member. playing They all bowled well and everyone enjoyed the game. Up to the tea break (after 9 ends) it was very close on all rinks but after the break Prattens were the better team and ended the game winning on all rinks.

A wet week for Prattens Bowls 3/7/2022.

This has been a rough week for playing bowls with the wet weather causing problems. Prattens played at Street in a mixed Mid-Somerset league match on Friday . The weather was kind to us after the last few days of heavy rain and all rinks started well and one rink taking a commanding lead of 15-0. From then on the game was very tight but Prattens managed to win on two of three rinks and overall by 53-40. This gave us 10 of the 12 points available so well done to all who played. 

The Ladies were due to play two games this week but one of them was postponed because of the weather and, in the other one, Prattens lost on all three rinks against Wells.

Prattens Bowls Club – A Special Week 26/06/2022

It was a special week because it started with playing a special game against the Somerset Bowls Executive. This led to the Prattens Bowls Club Chairman playing against his own club because he is also the current President of Somerset Bowls. The executive team also included several ex-Presidents as well as the holders of other offices. It was good to see all five rinks in use even though this tended to stretch Prattens resources little thin (especially as some of the Lady members were involved in the catering for the day. After the meal everyone went over to the main Prattens Club where we had a good meal and even better camaraderie. It has since been commented on by a member of the SBA team how well we looked after them.

Wednesday night was a more normal where the Mens team played away against Frome Selwood im the Mid-Somerset league but struggled to cope with the green and lost on all 3 rinks picking up zero points while Selwood gained 12 points.

Friday night was a home game in the Mixed Mid Somerset league and was a cold, wet and windy night played against Wyrall Park. The atmosphere however was much more warm and friendlier than the weather. With a draw on one rink and a loss by one shot and two shots on the other two rinks the overall score was 48-51. A game thoroughly enjoyed by all who played which could have gone either way but Prattens only obtained one point from the twelve available.

On Saturday the Mens team had a much better result as playing a home game in the Somerset League against Knowle C when we won on all rinks winning 12 points to nil – a much better result. This means that of the four games that we have played in this league we have picked up maximum points in three of them (we lost the other game) and we went into the game in second place in the East 2 division so long may this relative success continue.

Prattens Bowls Club – enjoying the bowls and the weather. 19th June 2022        A busier week this time even though the Ladies team had one of their games postponed due their opponents having a fixture clash with a county cup competition game. On Wednesday the Mens team played in the MSL at home against Norwest but did not do very well losing 35-57 and only winning on one rink out of three to collect 2 points. The Ladies played away to Frome in he Wild League and, although the scores were very tight on all three rinks came home with all 12 of the points – very well done Ladies. Friday night saw a home game for the mixed team in the MMSL against our nearest neighbours (Fosseway) in glorious sunshine and while we managed to win on two of the three rinks we still lost overall giving Fosseway 8 points and Prattens 4 points. Some of the Fosseway members also commented on how much better the access from the car park was now that the ramp has been completed. Saturday was a mixed friendly against Weston Bath, in much cooler weather, consisting of four rinks of triples which was very close on all four rinks with Prattens easing home by just 3 shots overall. While he weather was much colder the rain did not arrive until after the game was completed and everyone on both sides enjoyed the game and the camaraderie. 

Update 13/6/2022        Since the green opened this season Prattens have been working on improvements to the access to the club site to assist both those needing to use a wheelchair and those who just found it difficult to lift a bag containing their bowls and other equipment up the steps from the car park. As you can see from the picture we now have a ramp to facilitate this.

Much of the funding for this has come from various grants (for which we are very grateful) but the club did have to provide some of the money from our own funds and the cost was kept down by club members providing some of the less specialised labour. The installation of the ramp has meant a small reduction in the capacity of the car park but the club considers this sacrifice very worthwhile.

The only games that I have information about this week are the two mens games and the Ladies Southey Trophy game away to Bath. I understand that the Ladies fought hard but were eventually defeated. The men played in the MSL against Purnells B on Wednesday night and Prattens were surprised to find that Purnells turned up without the full complement of players. Prattens had also struggled to field a full team but managed to do so by dint of a little arm twisting and begging. In the game itself Prattens won on two rinks out of the three but lost overall so Purnells gained 8 points and Prattens 4. The second mens game of the week was at home to Fosseway in the Somerset County League and Prattens enjoyed substantial wins on all three rinks so took all 12 points available and have now won 2 of the 3 games played in that league by 12 point margins (we lost the other game gaining only 2 points but we won’t talk too much about that). We have a busy couple of weeks coming up so look out for more news.

Prattens Bowls Club – latest week and Bowls Big Weekend This week the mixed team had the week off but the Ladies played their second game n the Wild League and the Men played 2 games. The Ladies game was an away game against Frome Park and they won on of 2 of the 3 rinks and by an overall score of 57-45 gaining 10 league points. Well Done Ladies. The Men played two home games this week. The first was against Purnell A team in the Mid-Somerset League (MSL) and Purnells proved to be too strong for Prattens. The second game was against the Frome Park B team in the Somerset County League but Prattens only managed to pick up 2 points out of the 12 available losing heavily on two rinks while winning on one and losing on overall score as well. Perhaps our own green did not suit us as well as the Bloomfield one did  in our first match in this league two weeks ago. On Saturday Prattens also held an Open Day session in association with the Bowls England Bowls Big Weekend but only one person not currently linked to the club came to try Bowls. The good news is that he said he enjoyed it and hopes to come again and possibly bring one of his children who he thinks might enjoy it as well so we hope to see him again soon.

Prattens Bowls Club – latest week and some news

The Ladies team had two games this week which were both supposed to be Ladies friendly matches but in both cases our opponents were short of players and had to include men to fulfil the fixture. The first game was at home against Alexandra Park and they included two men but Prattens won on two rinks and only lost by one shot on the third giving Prattens a win by 47-39. The second game was at Bloomfield who included 3 men and Prattens lost on 2 rinks while drawing on the third.

This weekend both games were postponed due to teams not having enough players available with the first being a Mens League game which was postponed by our opponents and the second being a mixed away game being postponed by Prattens. I can only hope that this spate of teams being short of players is because of the time of year and not something that will continue all season but I think that, at present, there is no point in listing the games expected to be played. However, Bowls England are holding what thy call the BOWLS BIG WEEKEND and Prattens are taking part. This will take the form of an open day on Saturday 28th May between 10am and 1.00pm. The purpose of this event is to give people the chance to try bowls and meet with people who play bowls. There is no age limit on people trying the game (lower or upper) and those who might be interested should just come along (the only limitation is that you will need some flat soled shoes – most trainers will be ok). Prattens will provide bowls and assistance on the green. Tea and Coffee and biscuits will also be available and our bar will be in use.

Prattens Bowls Club Special Week

It was a special week because Prattens had the honour of hosting a match between teams representing the Somerset Bowls Association and their equivalent for indoor bowls. For the most part it is easy to tell who is who because the outdoor team were wearing white trousers and the indoor team were in greys (although Prattens President Brian Weeks managed to get into the picture in greys). This game was part of the activities celebrating Barrie Dando of Prattens being the Somerset Mens President (he does have a Ladies couterpart).

After the game the participants were fed and watered in the social club by members of Prattens.

Outside of this special event there were two games played by Prattens this week (there should have three but the Ladies had one of their games postponed). The first game played was a 3 rink game at Paulton in the Ladies Wild League but it was a bad day for the Prattens team as they lost on all three rinks. The second game was a Mens 3 rink game in the Somerset County league away to the Bloomfield B team and Prattens found the green more to their liking than the home side did and Prattens won on all three rinks including some substantial score differences. As that was Prattens first SCL game of the season it was a very satisfying start.

Next week Prattens Ladies are scheduled to have 2 games again, one of them on the Bloomfield green, and the Mens team have a home SCL fixture against the Keynsham C team and an away fixture in the Top Club competition at Paulton.

Prattens Bowls Club patchy results.  This week Prattens were originally supposed to have three matches but  one of the Ladies matches was cancelled late last week so there was only one Ladies game and one mixed game to play.  The Ladies game was  a home fixture against the Isle of Wedmore played across 3 rinks with Prattens squeezing home by a score of 39-36 being victorious on 2 of the three rinks. On Sunday we took four mixed rinks of triples to play against Frome Park but suffered  substantial defeat  losing on all rinks (although one of them managed to run it very close by only losing by 2 shots). In spit of this Prattens enjoyed the game and felt that the green was running well overall. This week the Men’s team are playing Clevedon Prom at Prattens on Monday evening. Later in the week the Ladies have 2 away fixtures and the Men are playing at Bloomfield in a Somerset League Game on Saturday. There is also a special fixture on Friday afternoon between a team representing the Somerset Bowls Association President who this year is our chairman – Barrie Dando) and the Indoor bowlers equivalent group which should be interesting.

Prattens Bowls Club play on.      This week Prattens were supposed to have three matches- One a Ladies game. One mixed and One mens game but, unfortunately, Keynsham Ladies were unable to fulfil the Ladies fixture which left Prattens with a gap in the schedule. The Ladies decided to fill in the time with a practice session, a cuppa and a natter which sounds to me like a good second prize option. We, of course, had our usual Monday Night club session where a number of members got in some much needed early season practice (and more chat and socialising). On Saturday the Men’s team travelled to play in a friendly at the Bath Bowls Club in a three rink game when the weather was perfect for a game of bowls. One rink lost by 6 shots, one rink won with a shot on the last end and one rink lost very heavily and Bath were good enough not to give out the total score during the social gathering afterwards because, after all, it was a friendly match. On Sunday the mixed team also travelled, but this time to Mark Moor where they played a four rink triples game. Th weather was not as kind as on the Saturday with fine drizzle for most of the game but this must have suited Prattens as they won on three of the four rinks with an overall winning score of 55-47 shots. We will be having another Club night on Monday where anyone is welcome to come along and find out what all the fuss is about. We were scheduled to have two home Ladies Games this week and a mixed game on Sunday at Frome Park but we have already heard that the Tuesday game has been cancelled by our opponents.

Prattens Bowls Club season 2022 is now well and truly underway and that, so far, he weather has been quite kind to us. The green opened on Easter Saturday and quite a number of members were there to enjoy practicing on the green and, although the green felt heavy to bowl on, I can report that each of the rinks that I tried were running true. On the Sunday the traditional season opener of President’s Day took place including a spider, various fun games of bowls and a tea and raffle. It has always ben said that bowls takes a very short time to learn  but a lifetime to perfect and perhaps the first part of that came into focus (or beginners luck) as one of our new members won the spider, was a member of the winning team and won on the raffle. By all accounts it was great fun to take part in. On the Tuesday our Ladies took two rinks to Bath and won on one rink while losing on the other – no one seemed to know the total score.Wednesday saw Severn Vale bring a mixed team to Prattens (a fixture that they assured me that they always enjoy) and after a hard fought game , where the lead  on the various rinks changed a number of times, the overall score was 59-52 in favour of Prattens. This was followed by a very enjoyable social session. On the Sunday just past Keynsham brought  a Mixed team to  Prattens and again this was very hard fought but played in an excellent spirit and this went right to the end with Keynsham winning with the final shot on the last rink to finish by a score of 75-74. Once again I am sure that the wonderful game of bowls was the real winner. There are three games scheduled for next week (Keynsham Ladies, Bath Men and a mixed game against Mark Moor) so lots more fun to be had.

2022 Season opens  - Prattens Bowls Club are starting their new season this Easter weekend with the green opening on the afternoon of Saturday 16th April  when anyone who is interested in playing bowls at the club is welcome to come along. This is followed by he President’s day game on the Sunday – in this case, the President in question is the Prattens President (Brian Weeks) and not the Somerset Bowls President (Barrie Dando) although he may well be there in his role as Prattens Chairman. We look forward to a full season of bowls and, as usual, lots of sociable fun  around the games and other events.

Prattens Bowls Club 2022 Pre-Season Meeting - Saturday 19th March 10:30 am

This meeting is for all members, anyone who wishes to join and anyone who wishes to discuss playing the great game of bowls. Please note that the subscription is being frozen at last years rate for all members and that all new bowlers will have free subscription for the first year. We have a particularly interesting set of fixtures this year including a game against the Somerset   Junior team.If you wish to discuss any of this in advance of the meeting please contact the club  Chairman on 01761-412705.

Prattens Bowls Club 2021 Prizes Presentation Meal

 Prattens Bowls Club recently held a presentation lunch at the Old Down Inn where all concerned enjoyed a good meal and winners (and runners-up) received their prizes.  The club sponsors (Sam Chivers Estate Agents) were to have presented the prizes but unfortunately were unable to attend due to illness so the club President did the honours instead.

The results were as follows:

Mens Singles – RICHARD BRIMBLE                Runner-up – BARRYMORE DANDO

 Ladies Singles – PAULINE DANDO                  Runner-up – MARGARET HARVEY

 Mens Two Wood – RICHARD BRIMBLE       Runner-up – PAUL ROWE

 Ladies Two Wood - MARGARET HARVEY Runner- up – LIN BRIMBLE

 101      – RICHARD BRIMBLE                             Runner-up – LIZ DURNFORD

 Thomas Cup  -  PAUL ROWE                             Runner-up – GRAEME SMITH

 Keith Harrrington Trophy - MARGARET HARVEY           Runner-up – RICHARD BRIMBLE

 Handicap – LIZ DURNFORD                              Runner-up – GRAHAM WHITTOCK



                                                                   Runners-up – LIZ DURNFORD, MARGARET HARVEY& ROY HARVEY

 Clubperson of the Year – JOHN PRICE

Latest 12th September - Final mens games and most of Club Finals

This week has been all about the Charity Cup and the Club competitions. The Charity Cup is played between a joint Frome Park and Frome Selwood team, Norwest Bowls Club, Prattens and Purnells with all games being played in the triples format as evening matches and being finished under floodlights. Prattens do not have floodlights so play all of their games at one of  Purnells, Norwest or Frome Selwood. The purpose of the games is to raise money for charitable causes and is ostensibly a mens tournament but we and Norwest have included some ladies to make up the numbers. In our two games this week we played both matches at Norwest firstly against Purnells where we lost on all 5 rinks and then against Norwest where we drew on 2 rinks and lost on 3. The Norwest game was curtailed due to rain. There have been several of the club competitions finals played throughout the week from triples on Monday to various matches on Friday and Saturday with only the Friday games being rain affected. Our outdoor season ends next Sunday with Captains Day. 

Latest 5th September 2021 - Prattens Bowls Club Season drawing to a busy close

 In the last few weeks there have been a number of games either cancelled or curtailed for various reasons but we have managed to play a couple of games – if there have been any others I have not been told.  Firstly we played the last of our MMSL (mixed) games against Frome Selwood and although we started slowly we finished with a victory taking all 12 points. The second game was against Purnell C which was originally scheduled to be a Somerset County League mens game but as that league was cancelled this was played as a friendly with Prattens including some ladies in the team (and with Mens Captain Richard unwell his wife captained the side). The game was very closely fought. On the first of the three rinks to finish Prattens lost by 9 shots. On the second rink Prattens were leading by 10 shots going into the last end but dropped 1 shot so the score over those two rinks was tied. On the final rink the score was 15 all going into the last end and during that end the shot changed hands several times before Purnell won the end, the rink and the match by 1 shot.  Although it has felt somewhat like the season has been drifting to a close this next week will be busy. This includes 2 Charity Cup games to be played at Norwest and the Finals of all of the Club Competitions within the week so lots of (serious) fun to be had.


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